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Design Voice Command

Showcase how users can interact with the AI design platform using voice commands

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Auto Design Recommend

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Showcase how users can interact with the AI design platform using voice commands

One prompt to rule them all

Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Luma, DALL-E, Adobe Firefly, Gemini, you name it.
Visual style settings are seamlessly converted for each model.
Ready to use presets for different types of game assets.

Generate 2D images and sprites with ease

Mastering different AI models can be overwhelming. Our platform simplifies this, handling prompt adaptations and settings for you. Access multiple professional models with just one click through our straightforward interface, making complex tasks simple.

Generate 3D models. Preview, upscale and use them seamlessly

Effortlessly create 3D models tailored to your game's world. With instant previews and easy upscaling, you get a perfect fit and quality. Integrate these models seamlessly into your development process with our Unity plugin, elevating your game's visuals smoothly and efficiently.

Manage assets: store, collaborate and track progress - all in one place

Store your game assets securely with tags, categories and version control. Collaborate with your team in real-time, and track your project's progress effortlessly with task tackers integration. Our platform is designed to ensure a smooth development process from start to finish.

Pricing plan

Tailored for you: any size, any goal.

1 Project Per Month
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Feature text goes here
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3 Project Per Month
Feature text goes here
Feature text goes here
Feature text goes here
Unlimited Project Per Month
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Feature text goes here
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Midjourney, DALL-E, SDXL, Adobe Firefly
SSO, accounts and precise access control
200 GB storage / seat
Prompts, presets, settings curated library
Full version history, assets tags and categories
Unity plugin, Web and Desktop apps
Task trackers integration: Asana, Jira, Trello
All the features included in Lite, and:
On-premise Stable Diffusion trained to match your style
Datasets management and on-premise AI customization
1 TB storage / seat
All the features included in Pro, and:
All models can be deployed to your servers
On-premise Stable Audio and Stable Zero123 for audio and 3D models
Integration of custom pipelines and APIs
Dedicated support and account manager

Customer testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, that's what others are saying about us:

Wow, just wow! Jumping between AI models used to be a major headache for our team. Now, it’s like, click and done. Plus, keeping track of everything in one spot? Genius. Seriously, our game design has never been smoother or more fun.

Sarah Johnson

CEO of John Studio

I was skeptical at first, wondering how much difference one platform could make. I'm blown away. The ease of generating assets, combined with the asset management and tracking features, has made our development process more efficient and enjoyable.

Tom Brown

Founder at Tom Studio

Our team was struggling with managing different AI models for asset creation. This tool changed everything. Now, we can focus on creativity rather than the technicalities. The asset management system is a game-changer for collaboration.

John Doe

Freelance Designer and Developer

This platform is a must-have for any game studio. The seamless integration of various AI models for generating assets, along with the collaborative tools and tracking, has streamlined our workflow like nothing else. It's saved us time and significantly boosted our productivity.

Jessica Lee

Position, Company name

Honestly, I didn't expect to be this impressed. This tool has taken the pain out of asset creation. It's like having an easy button for game development. And the collaboration feature? A total lifesaver for staying in sync with my team.

Mary Smith

Web Designer at TALL Inc

Game-changer for game-dev! This platform has taken our game assets to the next level. Easy to use, does what you need, and keeps everyone on the same page. Plus, making 3D models that don’t suck is finally within reach. Love it!

David Kim

Founder Kim Design


How does it work?

We offer custom integrations with all major GenAI platforms: Midjourney, DALL-E, Luma, Gemini, etc. Additionally, we have our own custom AI models based on Stable Diffusion. When you enter a prompt, we adapt and send it to these platforms to achieve the best results possible.

Why do you use existing AIs instead of making yours?

We offer custom AI functionality — our customers can use models created by us, or they have the option to train and use their own models.

Teams behind major AI apps like Midjourney and Luma have done an amazing job of making their solutions proficient and high-quality. We aim to provide our customers with both options: to use custom models when needed, and to access professional solutions that have been developed over years.

3D models are rigged?

No. Frankly speaking, as of now, the quality of the generated 3D is good enough for use as props and environmental elements, but not for characters.

Which game engines do you support?

Essentially, we provide you with image (.png) assets and .GLTF 3D models, allowing you to use them virtually anywhere, including non-game applications.

However, we also offer an official Unity plugin, enabling direct access to your asset library and generation capabilities right within the game editor, which can be much faster and more convenient. An Unreal Engine plugin is coming soon.

How can I be sure that you are not using my game assets for your own purposes?

We offer an on-premise solution for enterprise customers: you can store your assets and trained models on your own servers, ensuring we don't have access to them at all.

However, generally speaking, we never access our customers' assets for any purpose other than those directly mentioned in the Terms of Use.

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